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Posted on Sep 10, 2022

ArtAffair 2022
Mindset-2022-x4Peter Nowotny
Ausstellungsbeitrag in der Galerie ArtAffair Regenburg.
August/September 2022.
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Current exhibition contribution in the gallery ArtAffair Regenburg.
August/September 2022.

Works from the series “Mindset”.

The climate future has become a top issue thanks to the youth. The arrogance of seeing nature as a counterpart, as an object has led us into the climate dilemma.

Don’t we turn into a tree by exhaling CO2 and on the other hand, isn’t oxygen a tree in us?

I have tried to transform the relationship between man and nature artistically.

My new works all have the title “Mindset”. This English term includes: Way of thinking, mindset, mentality, attitude. The human head is therefore also the basic motif of this series of works. Is it not the first step to secure the future of our planet that we readjust our mindset?

We can see how closely we are connected to plants by the fact that hemoglobin and chlorophyll differ only in their central atom: Red blood pigment has a central iron atom, while green chlorophyll has a magnesium ion at its center.

My hope that our veins and the capillaries of plants pulse in unison.

Peter Nowotny

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