in bookshops

Posted on Jan 24, 2021

the “BrAiN/StOmAtA” catalog is available in bookstores.

Society needs art…
and art needs society! Especially in these times of collective lockdown, we are literally craving for culture and art, as these two aspects are currently still classified as “not relevant to the system”. All the more relevant are artistic publications for domestic use, which transport us at least for a short time into other worlds, in this case the worlds of thought and images of Peter Nowotny. The successive reduction of his figures to mere structures runs through his entire oeuvre. It is therefore not surprising that his latest catalog publication, which accompanies the exhibition, comes across as very reduced and is explained only by a few poems and an extremely successful text contribution by Dr. Helmut Hein. In the latter, for example, it says so aptly: “His new exhibition also bears, not coincidentally, the double title ‘Brain Stomata’. These are the places or organs where the communication and transfer between the outside and inside world takes place.” The communication between this inside and outside, this interacting with the others, that is exactly what we are missing so much in the current situation. This makes Peter Nowotny’s catalog all the more recommendable, as his art reminds us that this interaction can also take place on a meta-level.
Dr. Caroline Ebeling